Human Element

People matter a lot to us — on our team, leading our companies, investing with us.   Here is a little bit more about who we are and what we care about.


In today’s world of specialization, we are proud to call ourselves generalists. We are multilingual when it comes to business.   This allows us to connect the dots across areas of business, see parallels to other models, markets, and industries, and bring in true experts and specialists from our network when and where needed.

Meet Our Team


The most important language of business is the human language.  We like to surround ourselves with inspired, passionate people who have the drive to succeed and share our values.

        Be transparent and honest — yet positive and forward-looking

        Think long-term — be in it through thick and thin

        Commit to doing what is right and best — for all stakeholders

        Have patience and flexibility — it always pays off when building great companies and relationships

        Bring passion and fun — in all that we do

        Strive to be great – life is too short to settle for “good enough”